Career opportunities @ Scorpio

We are an entrepreneurial company. We encourage innovation and leadership within a culture that places great emphasis on personal development. Our approach is to work together through:

Accountability Management at each level of operation is held accountable for running the business and delivering results.

Open communications within a team approach Openness and the sharing of information across functions are encouraged: the values of diverse ideas are recognized.

Empowerment Those closest to the point of action are encouraged to make decisions. Managers are responsible for building the skills of their teams. Individuals perform best when they self-manage and delegate effectively.

Continuous Improvement Constant learning is supported by the Company-wide Knowledge Management Programme.

Given that we have ambitious plans for future growth, it is vital that we develop a cadre of motivated managers that will lead the business in future years.

All top executives & departmental heads within the business unit have been through a 'competency mapping' process and are subject to an annual evaluation. This assesses them in three ways: their performance against business plan, their contribution to the organization, and their achievement of qualitative targets in areas such as safety, talent building and succession planning.

Do you have what it takes to play a management role in our Valve industry?

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